Phytoceramides: A Facelift in a Bottle

Phytoceramides: A Facelift in a Bottle

The big “Four O” is right around the corner. Today, you and your closest friend decided to spend a day at the spa for some serious skin rejuvenation and relaxation. It’s one week before your 40th birthday. You’ve noticed since your early 30’s what used to be small laugh lines caused by dehydration have now deepened into wrinkles. For you, this is no joking matter. After you return home, you open your bathroom drawer filled with cremes and serums and begin to examine your face. If only there was a facelift in a bottle, nothing seems to help! You grab your laptop and start your never ending google search for the latest skincare treatments on the market, then you discover what seems to be a miracle. Phytoceramides! Is 40 really the new 30?

Composition and History

Ceramides have been around since 1853 when German physician L.T. W. Thudichen discovered them in the human brain. Cosmetic companies later obtained and incorporated Ceramides from bovine brain into their products.  Companies like Elizabeth Arden in the 1990’s began using the Ceramides in potions and cremes with the promise of younger looking skin with fewer wrinkles.

There was a huge focus and surge in cosmetic marketing in the 90’s.  Eventually all major cosmetic companies were using Ceramides in their skincare, lipsticks, glosses and foundations using anti-aging sales pitches promising an extra surge in moisture.  “The four layers of the epidermis contain Ceramides, and they play an important role by creating a barrier which reduces infection and helps to retain the skin’s moisture.” (Imokawa, G., Strncturesand Functions of Stratum Comeum Lipids & the Skin, Journal Japan Oil Chem.Society,Vol. 44,No.10, (1995)).  As a person ages, their skins moisture begins to diminish showing crows feet, laugh lines and signs of aging.  Ceramides naturally occur in the body.  They make up part of the epidermis’ barrier that are comprised of these special lipids along with fatty acids and cholesterol.  “It is well known that Ceramides play an essential role in structuring and maintaining the water permeability barrier function of the skin.” (Am J Clin 2003, US Naional Library of Medicine National Institute of Health).  After years of research, scientists have discovered that Ceramides are in our food sources and plant-derived Ceramides (Phyto-Derived) are safer.  They are mainly extracted from wheat or rice.  Phyto-ceramides have been used in Japan for the past 5 years, but are making an impact in America with TV personalities like Martha Stewart and celebrities alike; all raving about the positive effects it has on your skin.  So which brand is most effective?

Dr. Leif Rogers, MD: Phytoceramides

Dr. Leif Rogers, MD is a world renowned plastic surgeon located in Beverly Hills and Pasadena. He offers the highest care in reconstruction, cosmetics and non-surgical procedures. Dr. Oz featured Dr. Leif Rogers on his program “Secrets to Cheat Your Age”, an episode explaining the benefits and scientific breakthrough of Phytoceramides. Dr. Leif Roger’s sought to create the only premium, natural rice-based formula with triple the potency of classic Phytoceramides available on the market today. His breakthrough formula gives you top quality, faster results while replenishing vitamins and antioxidants. The formula includes unique peptides that reduce crows feet, marionette lines, deep wrinkles while firming the skin and promoting collagen production. A true facelift in a bottle. You can purchase this revolutionary formula and enjoy it’s anti-aging benefits while promoting skin hydration at the cellular level.

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