Latest Hair Removal Technology in 2016: Pèlo

Latest Hair Removal Technology in 2016: Pèlo

Women have been removing unwanted hair from their body’s for thousands of years.  The first form of hair removal dated back to the Egyptian era.  That’s right, Cleopatra seems to have started this arduous beauty trend.  Notice that woman in Grecian statues and paintings are hairless; this is due to the Greek and Romans viewing body and facial hair as an uncivilized unhygienic practice.  In the middle ages women began to pluck their hair line, because having a high forehead was the fashionable beauty trend. Women would use sharpened flints, pumas stones to shave and resin to wax hair through the centuries.  In the 1700’s the straight razor was invented for men, and women would privately use them as well.  When was the first disposable razor invented?  When it became acceptable for women to wear more revealing clothing a razor was marketed for females in 1915 called Gillette’s Milady Decollete.  Todays latest technology has everyone throwing out their razors and choosing lasers, which offer permanent hair reduction.

What once was a private conversation has now become a mainstream beauty topic.  As you scroll through Instagram or Facebook you notice people checking into medical spa’s announcing, “they’re getting laser hair removal!” .  With the influx of medical spa’s opening up, you want to be assured before you open your wallet that you’re in the hands of a well trained physician. Privet Aesthetics was the first to provide the Clear and Brilliant Pélo laser hair removal treatment in Los Angeles.  Clear and Brilliant Pélo is the fastest, most sophisticated technology in laser hair removal on the market today.  At Privet Aesthetics each physician is certified and trained to give the best and safest laser hair removal treatment results!

Clear and Brilliant Pélo can be used on any skin color or type, dark or light.   Any part of the body with hair can be treated using Pélo.  Whether you are a female interested in bikini area hair removal or a male wanting to eliminate unwanted back hair, Pélo can work for you.  The technology behind this special device is through it’s linear scanning, a diode laser beam induces thermal damage to the hair follicle, allowing more energy to be delivered to the follicles comfortably than any other laser.  It is able to treat a much larger area (50mm X 15mm) than other diode lasers on the market.

Pélo also has a cooling mechanism that is made with sapphire glass, allowing it to cool down to 32 degrees.  The cooling relieves pain and discomfort so that no numbing cream is needed.  Most patients only feel a cold or hot sensation with a slight prick as the treatment is taking place.

Privet Aesthetics raises the bar for a luxury medical spa experience, creat

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