How is Kybella Being Used Beyond Eliminating Your Double-Chin?

How is Kybella Being Used Beyond Eliminating Your Double-Chin?

Kybella Beverly HillsKybella is an injection that has been FDA-approved to eliminate a double chin and moderate to severe fat in the upper neck area. Kybella contains deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule the body uses to help break down and absorb fat. By permanently removing fat, Kybella helps patients reduce their submental fat and experience a more contoured neckline.

In addition to eliminating neck fat, Privet Aesthetics uses Kybella for to sculpt the face, remove underarm fat, and to improve liposuction irregularities.

Kybella can potentially remove excess fat in the face, including the jowl area. It also offers a skin tightening effect, which can help create contour in the jawline and the face. Another off-brand use of Kybella includes removal of underarm fat. Many people experience “bat wings” on the back of the upper arm and Kybella may be able to provide fat removal without surgery.

Liposuction irregularities can happen as a result of poor surgery or due to weight gain after surgery. An area previously treated with liposuction may appear bumpy or have indentations in the skin. Kybella is one way to eliminate pesky fat that persists after liposuction and tighten the skin, giving you a smoother stomach or treatment area.

Kybella has been FDA-approved for eliminating fat in the chin area only. This does not mean it is unsafe or ineffective for other areas of the body, but that these specific uses have not yet been studied. If you do decide to use Kybella for an off-label procedure, be sure to find a surgeon who has performed these types of procedures before and is experienced in dosage, side effects, and risks.

To learn more about Kybella and its use to eliminate double chin fat or other uses, or to schedule your consultation at Privet Aesthetics, please fill out the form on this page or call our Beverly Hills office at (310) 860-8915 or our Pasadena office at (626) 537-3737.

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