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Excel-V LogoFacial and leg veins can now be a thing of the past. Excel V is a new approach to treating unwanted marks on our bodies. Why does excel V have such a loyal following amongst medical and aesthetic practitioners globally? Consider all of the cases requiring correction of red, purple, blue and brown lesions. With the capability to treat nearly 20 different skin types, Excel V offers the broadest capabilities.

The Science

Excel V treats vascular conditions by administering a unique high-power green laser that is absorbed by the abnormal blood vessels of the skin. The laser heats the abnormal vessels causing the vein walls to collapse and seal shut. Over time, the vessels will no longer be visible. Several treatments may be necessary to achieve the desired results.

What to Expect

Excel V treatments last 15-30 minutes. You can return to work the day after a treatment.


  • Rosacea Improved

  • Angiomas Improved

  • Port wine stains Improved

  • Facial Veins Improved

  • Legs Veins Improved

  • Age/Brown Spots Improved

  • Skin Tags Improved

  • Acne Scars Improved

  • Scar Reduction Improved

  • Wrinkles Improved

  • Warts Improved

  • Non-invasive

  • No downtime

  • No topical anesthesia

To learn more about Excel V, or to schedule your consultation, please fill out the form on this page or call our Beverly Hills office at (310) 860-8915 or our Pasadena office at (626) 537-3737. We serve the greater Hollywood, Brentwood, Westwood, and Los Angeles metro.

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