A Healthy Approach to Eliminate Fat

A Healthy Approach to Eliminate Fat

Everywhere you turn, advertisements about weight loss or fitness plans flood your daily life.  Your Instagram feed is filled with “models” showing off their favorite diet shakes, or Facebook articles showcasing how celebrities like Khloe Kardashian recently slimmed down their figure.  It’s not just TV, billboards or radio advertisements.  These advertisements are everywhere you look, and completely inescapable.  However, there is another growing trend with the acceptance of being over weight.  With clothing brands offering vanity sizing and celebrities showcasing new plus size clothing lines which only creates the idea that weight gain as admissible.  Obesity is the second preventable cause of death behind tobacco use in America, according to the National Institute of Health over 300,000 deaths occur each year.  What are the major contributors to weight gain?  And what are your healthiest options to eliminate fat for good?

Contributors to Weight Gain

There are numerous reasons why people gain weight: lack of exercise, poor diet, or no consistency in healthy life choices.  An article By Sherry Rauh, “Is Fat the New Normal”,  has an interesting perspective on why obesity is so prevalent in Americans.  We are social beings, humans identify with their friends and family, so if they’re overweight you might dismiss that as being the norm.  Nicholas Christakis, MD, PhD, of Harvard Medical School , co-author of “Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Change Lives”, has found through research that the problem is spreading in our social networks.  Even shopping experiences with friends feels better because vanity sizing has made smalls and medium sizes fit larger individuals.  This is counterintuitive to the health of Americans.  Over the past 35 years it’s no wonder the diet industry has gained so much momentum.  Since 1960, Americans have more than doubled in obesity rates, causing the average adult to be 24 pounds heavier than in 1960. (A Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation).   What is the healthiest and safest ways to rid your body of fat?

Eliminate Fat 

A balanced diet and exercise are necessary to maintain a healthy weight.  Even with regular exercise, time spent at work or having children can leave you with problem areas that you just can’t get rid of!  Luckily, PRIVET Aesthetics offers the latest FDA approved non surgical treatments to ensure those problem areas will disappear.  The latest injectable, Kybella, can treat those dreaded “turkey necks” or double chin fat.  The science behind the treatment is a naturally-occurring molecule in the body, deoxycholic acid, that breaks down the fat and the fat is absorbed. Love handles and belly fat can be treated by Vanquish.  The Vanquish breakthrough technology delivers thermal energy to specifically target fat layers in larger areas compared to other contouring treatments, changing the entire circumference area. The breakdown of the fat cells through the thermal energy is referred to as apoptosis.  The body then naturally eliminates the fat through the lymphatic system.  “The treated body part is located in the high-frequency electric field. The temperature increases to apoptic levels in the fat tissue while the surrounding tissue remains protected from apoptic temperature levels.”(www.btlaesthetics.com David McDaniel, MD and Paula Lozanova, MD).  PRIVET Aesthetics is located in Beverly Hills and Pasadena, offering a luxury atmosphere with the latest technology in non surgical treatments. www.privetaesthetics.com   For those who desire dramatic weight loss and other surgical options like liposuction, please visit www.leifrogersmd.com. The staff is committed to quality that extends into every patient interaction delivering excellence and comfort.

Whatever your weight loss needs try non surgical options at PRIVET Aesthetics and for surgical options, Leif Rogers MD, FACS . Please do not hesitate to call with any questions 310.860.8915

What treatments have you tried that have or haven’t worked for you?

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