Vanquish - Non-Surgical: Leif Rogers, MD


We have all exercised to get rid of the extra baggage that we have been lugging around at our midsection, and we just cant seem to loose those last few stubborn pounds. Maybe you don’t have the downtime to have surgery such as liposuction or other body contouring treatments. Vanquish can help. Vanquish is a new technology designed to help decrease that stubborn fat around your core.

The Science:

Vanquish is the latest in non-invasive, non-surgical technology, harnessing the power of thermal energy like never before. Specifically designed to redefine your core, vanquish treats the problematic midsection by targeting deep tissue without damage to your surrounding skin or muscle. The breakthrough vanquish technology selectively beats stubborn cells just enough to allow for cell breakdown, transforming them into waste, which the body begins to naturally flush away and eliminate.

What to Expect:

  • 60 minutes treatments
  • Warmth


  • Non-Invasive
  • No downtime between treatments
  • Noticeable results within just a few treatments
  • Fat reduction
  • No needles or anesthetic required


  • Core fat reduction
  • Body contouring
  • Skin tightening
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